Auditing, Analyzing & Strategizing Your Marketing Efforts to Thrive Post COVID-19

Marissa Dilione - May 7, 2020

With our busy lives, we are always wishing for more time to work on other projects or to spend it with loved ones. With the global pandemic and most of the workforce continuing on from home – we now have that time to spend with our loved ones, on ourselves, and for planning our marketing efforts for when the world does open back up. Now is the perfect opportunity to focus on those things we never had the chance to do before.

Here is a list of the most important areas to focus on, and what you should be asking yourself if you need help identifying where to start.

#1 Social Platforms

Establishing a digital footprint is a vital component of marketing your business. We often use social channels to “set it and forget it”. No more my friends! Take this time to thoroughly audit your social profiles and ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you have a Social Media Strategy?
  • What can you tell from the engagement with your audience?
  • Are your social profiles up to date with valid information?

This video describes the three key considerations for your Social Media Strategy to help get you started.

#2 Website Content

Many businesses go through a very comprehensive process to build out a new website to use as a marketing tool, and then never take the time to make the necessary updates.  The fundamentals of onsite content maintenance are making sure it always has the most up to date information, and implementing SEO best practices to increase your Organic visibility.

  • Do each of your pages have a core theme and specific targeted keyword?
  • Are there other relevant pages you can create internal links for to direct users to other pages of your site?
  • When was the last time the meta data (title tags and descriptions) were reviewed?

Start with an audit to identify which SEO elements you need to focus on. If you need help with getting started contact us to find out how we can create a customized program to help you get the job done.

#3 Resources

Now more than ever more users are referring to a brand’s resources (i.e. blog, white papers, ebooks) available on their website. It’s not only a section of your site to establish your thought leadership, but also a chance to offer various forms of content for your audience to engage with.

  • Are your resources up to date and organized?
  • Can a user easily search your resources to find the content they are looking for?
  • What additional forms of content could you be providing to your audience as a valuable resource? (i.e. Case studies, white papers, PDF downloads, videos, etc.)

Right now many websites are building out specific COVID-19 resource centers for users to easily find the content that will help them in their new work environments.

#4 Reporting & Tracking

This is a big one, and possibly the most important task to tackle. Ensuring your data is being tracked and reported on accurately will help you in the future when looking to make data driven decisions for your business. Here is what you should be thinking about:

  • When was the last time you checked to see if any pixels were interfering with each other?
  • Do you have Google Tag Manager set up?
  • What additional features or changes have been made to the site that need to be tracked as a conversion point?

If your website is prone to continuous changes and you are not entirely sure about the above, do an audit of your Analytics and make sure you are getting the most out of your data reporting.

#5 Paid Advertising

For some organizations, this may be on pause for now, but it is a major area to focus on when trying to build your business back up to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

  • What channels are you currently using to drive traffic to your site and how effective have they been?
  • What changes in audience or products will the business be prioritizing as an opportunity for growth to target in the future?
  • How are you planning on growing your market reach with the current competition?

The way businesses are operating and the way people are working has obviously changed during this time, and will be changing in the foreseeable future. Forbes touches on just some of the fluctuations we will see in regards to education, senior living, and distributed workforces. Planning your strategy now is a vital component to helping your company succeed based on the new objectives that you may have.

Need help deciding where to start, or stuck on how to move forward? Email us at to find out how we can help set your online efforts up for success.

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