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November 12 2014

Affiliate Marketing Best Practices: Putting Your Online Sales Force to Work


In a recent post, we discussed affiliate marketing basics, including who should use affiliate marketing and why. But the key to affiliate marketing success isn’t participation, it’s optimization. In this post, we’ll look at the best practices for launching and running a successful affiliate marketing program.

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November 5 2014

Affiliate Marketing 101: Using Affiliate Marketing to Build an Online Sales Force


Internet marketers “in the know” have a secret weapon. Rather, they have many secret weapons – the affiliate marketers who advertise on their behalf in exchange for commissions.

Many big, well-known brands have been using affiliate marketing for years to supplement and complement their other digital initiatives, such as display advertising, social advertising, and content marketing.

If you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, or want to know how it can play in the sandbox with your other digital marketing initiatives, read on; if you want to learn how to optimize your affiliate marketing program, check back soon for a follow-up post on that very subject.
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December 9 2010

Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile-Only AdWords Campaigns


The mobile advertising market is growing at an enormous rate.  According to BIA/Kelsey’s US Mobile Advertising Report, search alone went from $59 million in 2009 to $163 million in 2010; and forecast to practically double in 2011! 

US Mobile Advertising Report

Advertisers who leveraged mobile-targeted campaigns in 2009 benefited by seeing higher click through rates on their ads at a lower cost per click (CPC) than campaigns targeting desktop / laptop users using the same keywords.  While this is still possible to achieve in today’s mobile advertising market, it is more challenging.  The influx of advertisers entering the space and high adoption rates of new mobile devices (i.e. Netbooks and ipads) can be leveraged to fine tune your campaign targeting and help generate more revenue.

Here are 3 tips for maximizing your mobile-targeted AdWords campaigns.

1. Be aggressive.

You will be competing to have your ad serve on 5 ad spots versus 10 ad spots with traditional search results on a laptop or desktop. As a guideline, try starting out with 2x your search bids for similar keywords. 
2. Use short keyword phrases versus long tail keyword phrases.

Use general keywords to help increase impression volume.  Mobile searchers tend to use shorter queries, so your longer tail keywords will not generate the same amount of impressions in mobile search.

3. Add negatives. 

Think about how the intent of a mobile searcher may be different than a searcher using a desktop / laptop computer.  For example, help weed out users who are looking for driving directions by adding negatives like “map”, “directions”, “locator”, etc.  Don’t forget to use the same negative keywords you have in place for other campaigns you are running.

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