Automate Remarketing List Optimization With “Smart Lists”

Max Braglia - February 18, 2015

Retargeted consumers are 70% more likely to complete a purchase as compared to non-retargeted consumers. But remarketing is not only about conversions; in fact, it is an extremely cost effective way of building brand awareness. Simply put, remarketing is a “must-do” in your interactive advertising efforts.

One very effective way to leverage Google Analytics data to target users who are most likely to convert when they come back to a site is to use “Smart Lists”. In the words of Google, “a Smart List is a remarketing audience that Google Analytics generates to maximize your conversions.”

The list is generated in Analytics by using many elements, including conversion data, location, device, browser, referrer, session duration, and page depth, in order to identify users who are most likely to convert in subsequent sessions. Machine learning at its best, based on actual relevant data together with Google’s powerful technology.

smart list

One important caveat: if your site generates at least 500 monthly ecommerce transactions and 10,000 daily page views, then your Smart Lists is generated based on specific elements that influence your users to convert. If your site does not meet the required traffic/conversion threshold, then your Smart List is generated based on conversion data from businesses similar to yours that have opted to share their anonymized conversion data with Google Analytics.

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