Bing Ads Announces Callout Extensions & Review Extensions

Jill Goldstein - April 27, 2016

Ad extensions provide a wonderful way to gain valuable real estate on the SERP’s. In addition, they can help improve click through rates (CTR) (by 10% on average), which has a direct impact on your quality scores, which can therefore help lower cost per click (CPC).

This week, Bing Ads announced two new call extensions to boost CTR and help gain trust among your potential customers. Callout Extensions and Review Extensions.

Although these extensions have been available for quite some time through Google AdWords, let’s take some time to review what they are, how to implement them and the best ways to utilize them.


Callout Extensions

What they are: Customizable, bulleted text that sits beneath your ads. These bullets are not clickable, are free to use and can show with other ad extensions. Up to four can show at one time and there is a minimum of two required to show.

How to implement them:

Google AdWords Callout Extension Dropdown Menu

Google AdWords Callout Extension - Create Ad

Google AdWords Callout Extension - Add New Callout

Google AdWords Callout Extension - Save Callout

The best ways to utilize them: Callout extensions are best used to highlight what makes your business unique. Why should a user click on your ad over the competition? Highlight products, services, deals and more… just keep them under 25 characters.


Review Extensions

What they are: Paraphrased or exact quotes from reputable 3rd party sources that sit beneath your ads. Only one review will show at a time and all reviews must adhere to the following guidelines.

How to implement them:
Google AdWords Review Extension Dropdown Menu

Google AdWords Review Extension - Create Ad

Google AdWords Review Extension - Add New Review

Google AdWords Review Extension - Save
The best ways to utilize them: Review extensions help build trust with your potential customers. Highlight positive reviews, awards and accolades that set your business apart from the competition.

Now go ahead and show off what makes your business great… and save on CPC while you’re at it!


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