Grab Your Prospect’s Attention with Bing Ads Image Extensions

Max Braglia - December 1, 2015

In analyzing a large quantity of paid search performance data across many different verticals, I’ve noticed that search campaigns which use ad extensions almost always outperform campaigns that don’t. Not only do ad extensions expand the physical space that your ads take, but more importantly, they offer more relevant information and an overall better experience to users, ultimately resulting in a stronger campaign performance and improved ROI.

I was really excited a few days ago when Bing Ads announced the release of image extensions in search ads. It’s interesting to note that image extensions were previously introduced and then discontinued by Google AdWords.

This new ad extension from Bing Ads enables advertisers to associate up to 6 images per ad group or campaign alongside their ad copy and any other extensions. Image extensions are available across all markets and images will serve on both PCs and Tablets across the Bing network. As you can see from the image below, the amount of real estate that an ad can consume when enabling this extension is quite impressive.
bing ads image extension
In order to implement ad extensions in Bing Ads, the images will need to satisfy specific formatting requirements, as well as adhere to Bing Ads image, audio, and video editorial guidelines.

In conclusion, I see this new feature as a good opportunity for advertisers from all verticals (either B2C or B2B) to expand their ads’ real estate in search, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more qualified traffic to their website.

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