Both Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter Release New Interfaces

Anne Garcia - June 22, 2012

Search engine marketers are rejoicing over the fact that both Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter have updated their advertising platforms to create a simplified interface for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

The new look of Google AdWords is much cleaner than in the past and simplifies the interface with newly designed menus, tabs, navigation and buttons so that performance data stands out. The goal of the new design and layout of the AdWords interface is to make it easier for advertisers to create effective paid search campaigns. Google says that they integrated the latest technologies to make the AdWords interface more visually appealing and scalable.

Microsoft adCenter updated the look-and-feel of their interface as well to a clean, white and easier-to-use design which was intended to improve user experience within the platform.  In addition, adCenter moved the settings for both campaigns and ad groups into a separate tab. Now when you click the name of a campaign on the Campaigns tab, you will see the new Settings tab where they can change the campaign’s setting. In addition, when you click the name of an ad group on the Ad Groups tab, you can use the new Settings tab to update the settings of the specific ad group. In addition, Microsoft has made it simpler to navigate from campaign to campaign within the platform.

All of these updates will make it easier and more efficient for search engine marketers to navigate through the online advertising platforms and implement changes throughout the interfaces in order to better optimize paid search campaigns.

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