Broad Match Modifier unrolled in the US

Alexandra Hagler - August 27, 2010

Google has unveiled the broad match modifier in the United States. Many questions and confusion have come up about when to use the broad match modifier and when to use the previous broad match feature. Also, many ask how the broad match modifier will improve my campaigns if I only run phrase and exact match type keywords?

Phrase match types will show your ads for the keyword you are bidding on, but the search query can also include  words before or after your phrase.  Essentially your keywords must be present in the search term somewhere in its original order..

Exact match types will only appear when a searcher directly types in your keyword. No plurals or misspellings will appear.  Also, no other words can be included in the search other than the keyword you are bidding on.

Keyword you are bidding on:  solar panels
Broad: buying solar efficient panels, solar panel companies, solar system, solar universe, solar flare, planets
Phrase: buy solar panels, solar panels distributors, who sells solar panels
Exact: solar panels

The broad match modifier was created to have more control of your keywords and not have a large list for each misspelling, plural, etc.

Keyword: +solar +panels
Queries: solar panels, solar panel, buying solar panel, soalr panels for my home

The plus sign in front of the keyword acts as an “anchor” ensuring your core keyword showing for searches and no synonyms, but including the common misspellings and plurals.


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