Campaign-Level Conversion Actions Now Live for Google Search & Display Campaigns

Caitlin Gioia - June 19, 2019

What does this mean? Up until now, conversion action settings applied account wide.

Yes, you had the availability to segment by conversion type at the campaign level, but all counted conversions were totaled up in the “Conversions” column. You were not able to choose which conversion actions to optimize against at the campaign level.

Now, you can choose which conversion actions to include in the “Conversions” column at the campaign level. This will allow you to analyze performance and optimize campaigns based on the most relevant conversion action types.

The “All conversions” column will still show all the conversion actions you’ve selected for inclusion at the account level.

You might have campaigns that you want to be able to optimize for more than one conversion action (i.e “request a quote” or “contact us”). The new conversion action will allow you to bucket conversion actions and apply them across campaigns for reporting in the Conversions column.

Where to find this? You can find the Conversion Action Sets tab in the Conversions section located under Tools in your account.

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