Can You Digg It?

Sonya Wood - November 2, 2009

Digg launched a cost per click advertising platform for their homepage on October 1st. Many social media sites have been integrating CPC advertising in an effort to monetize their sites and allow advertisers to take advantage of the popularity of such channels.

Digg currently offers CPM banner advertising, which is displayed throughout the website. With the launch of the new CPC program, advertisers have more choices in which types of ads to display and advertisers with a limited budget now have an opportunity to market on

Digg Ads will show up on the home page of The ads blend in seamlessly with just a small line of text that declares the listing a sponsored ad. Users of the site can either digg or bury the listing, just like regular digg listings. There is also an option to share the post which can help your message to go viral. Each ad contains an 80×80 image, title and description.

Currently, Digg does not offer category based options. It is also limited in targeting capabilities. Other social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow for geographic, demographic and behavioral targeting options. However, the program is so new, competition is at a minimum. This could mean potentially inexpensive traffic to your site via sponsored listings.

Digg ads are perfect for launch of new products, events, press releases or any newsworthy happenings.

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