Change Creates New Online Marketing Opportunities

MoreVisibility - July 1, 2008

Growing up, as a child, in the suburbs of Washington DC, there were many wonderful opportunities for class field trips. I vividly recall going to see the Mona Lisa at the National Gallery of Art, visiting exhibits at the Smithsonian, and watching Congress in session on Capitol Hill. Strangely enough, one of my most memorable field trips in the late 1960’s, was visiting the offices of UNIVAC. This was my first encounter with computers. I will never forget the cold sterile rooms, which housed the enormous, monster ancestors of the personal computers we use today. Throughout the guided tour, there was much excited discussion about how computers would radically alter our lives, in the future. We were shown a scale model of a “Smart House” and imagined with awe, the day we would live in a home that was completely run by computers. Back in the day, it all seemed so futuristic, like the concept of flying cars!

I don’t know if any of the people at UNIVAC could have envisioned the invention of the Internet and the subsequent rise of the search engines. It is with the same awe, I regard the continuing evolution of search and the new online marketing opportunities that are continually being created. Google’s Universal Search, unveiled earlier this year, returns blended search results including articles, images, videos, news, results from local and book search engines, in addition to web page results. What this means with regard to online marketing, is that it is now possible to leverage your company’s position, through the use of all digital content, not just your company’s web pages.

Because of the constant evolution of search and new online marketing channels created by the engines, it has never been more important to have a comprehensive online marketing strategy in place. In addition to SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (paid search marketing), blogs, social media, videos, company news and optimized press releases can all be utilized to maximize ownership of online real estate. What will work best for your business? With so many variables in the marketing mix, how can you keep up? Many companies come to MoreVisibility for help in finding a customized strategy. Our team is dedicated and focused on finding every new online marketing opportunity that can potentially serve our clients. I am very proud to work for a company that remains on the cutting edge of SEO and SEM.

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