Fascinating Click-to-Call Ad Data Shows that Your Customer Service Might Not Match Your Ad Prowess

Lauren Owens - August 13, 2015

A new report from the mobile analytics company Marchex shows just how effective click-to-call ads can be. In the report, Marchex cites that advertisers spend billions annually on click-to-call ads, and that this has led to a $1 Trillion “click-to-call” economy, with click-to-call ads converting at nearly four times the rate of traditional online-only ads.

In some respects, this isn’t surprising. Consumers who are going to take the time to make a call are extremely motivated. If anything, this data supports the need for ongoing click-to-call ad strategies, especially for local businesses and those in the automotive, finance, travel, and retail spaces – where click-to-call is used most heavily.

Bridging the Gap

Click-to-call advertising has long been an important tool for bridging the gab between web users and brick-and-mortar businesses, as well as local service-based businesses, such as healthcare and home services. As many advertisers know, the easier it is for would-be customers to reach you, the more apt they are to convert.

But some advertisers, it seems, drop the ball where digital ends and the real world begins. According to Marchex, nearly 1 in 5 calls are abandoned due to long wait times. This information should motivate advertisers – especially small local businesses – to remember that much of their click-to-call conversions happen on the ground. If a would-be-customer can’t reach you, they can always click-to-call someone else.

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