Connecting with Your Audience

Chuck Forbes - February 5, 2024

Every type of advertisement must connect with the audience to be successful. From banners, to videos, to search campaigns – advertisers have a small window of time to make a good impression. As the trends change and the advertising space continues to get more competitive, how you can connect with the audience also changes. Here are some points to be sure you consider in your digital strategy that will help you connect with your target audience:

Create Personas: creating buyer personas is a great exercise because you can clearly see your audience come to life as it makes you think about every angle of their personality. This is key to determining when they want to purchase, finding out more information or engaging with your brand. Identify their pain points, buying habits, number of impressions needed to take action and the type of content they consume.

Map the Buyer’s Journey: After you create your audience personas, map out their buyer’s journey. In this exercise, you are trying to identify the stages of buyer awareness, consideration, and decision. You want to have a plan on what type of advertisements they should see in these stages and why. This will allow you to have a clear plan and tailor your content to each should audience for maximum results.

Storytelling: Sharing success stories, testimonials and behind the scenes content is a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level. This will make your content more engaging and build brand loyalty and trust, if done correctly. Storytelling is best done through video content, but imagery and strategic copy can still be your first impression or hook to get a click that leads to more content. Storytelling is also a great way to expand your content over multiple campaigns.

Summarize and Tease: Use the other content on your website, such as blogs, podcasts, testimonials, etc to advertise your expertise and brand identity with shorter videos and teasers. For example, you may have a great blog that isn’t getting a lot of traffic. Create a short video teasing the conclusion without giving it away, making the targeted audience want to click through and read what happens. This can be done with podcasts and any other pieces of content you created.

Brand Voice: Make sure you have consistency across your advertisements. Brand voice goes beyond just narration in video ads, it is also the voice inside your target audience that they hear when they read your ads. Having inconsistent colors, fonts and tone-of-voice in your ads will lead to inconsistent feelings in the audience and ultimately no lasting impressions. We all know it’s an Allstate commercial as soon as the ‘Mayhem Man’s’ voice starts talking on our screens, just like we read a Geico ad in a British accent because the gecko mascot is next to the copy. Create a memorable brand voice across all your ads.

Prioritize Pageviews: Engagement is always a great measurement for how well your ads connect with your audience, but pushing to achieve higher pageview rates could yield greater profits. Users that have the desire to leave their current page, platform, or app to visit your website, have a greater desire to potentially take a significant action, such as purchasing. By making this metric a focus, you will automatically audit your ad experience for the best ways to connect with your audience.

Be relatable, let your brand’s personality shine through to your audience and you will always have a great chance of connecting with them. The points above will help you fill in the strategic details on how you’re going to achieve the goals you set. If you would like more information on how your advertising strategy can better connect with your target audience, email our team at

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