Creating a Successful Mobile SEM Strategy

Tony Fazzini - April 24, 2016

With mobile traffic growing exponentially year over year, businesses are needing to create more mobile-specific strategies and take user experience into consideration. In SEM, mobile experience can play a significant role as users want to convert from these smaller devices. So how do you optimize your SEM experience to have the best conversion rate?

  1. Create responsive landing pages.  Landing pages are your brand’s first impression on users. Too often companies spend money to bring users in but lose them to a poor landing experience. Having a quality responsive landing page gives you the best opportunity to give the user the information they need to convert in an easy-to-use design.
  2. Consider a mobile-friendly call-to-action.  Forms are the hardest piece to have users complete via mobile. It’s hard to select fields, type the information correctly, and if the form has multiple steps, it’s not easy to get from screen to screen to finish the process. The easiest conversion point in mobile is if a user can call the business with a simple click-to-call feature. If that’s not an option, consider making the form shorter for mobile to have a faster, cleaner experience that will resonate more with your mobile audience.
  3. Use ad features that allow for faster browsing.  With the addition of site links and call extensions, users are able to choose from several pages available in an ad as well as make a call directly from a paid advertisement. These features really help to get users directly to the content they want to engage with or call the business prior to even getting to the website. Features like this will increase click-through and conversion rates to help you convert similar to desktop traffic.

As always, it’s important to test and make sure that the content provided is the best experience that will lead to the most conversions for your business. As these steps are implemented, continue to try additional methods which will continue to change your paid search landscape and make more effective campaigns.

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