What Will They Think Of Next? Demographic Bidding from Google

MoreVisibility - March 27, 2008

What will Google think of next? Earlier in the month they launched the Beta test of “advanced keyword match”. Then it was the new addition to Google’s search results; search within search box. Now there is demographic bidding.

Demographic bidding helps you target your ads to users of a particular age group, by gender, or to combinations of those groups. You can use demographic bidding whether you are using contextual or placement targeting and with both CPC and CPM bidding. You can refine your reach based on users’ gender and age on certain sites in the Google content network such as MySpace and Friendster. Overall, demographic bidding gives you more control over the demographic groups who see your ads.

Keep in mind that demographic bidding and demographic site selection are two separate ways of targeting your ads. Demographic site selection helps you find and target entire websites that have the audience you’re trying to reach. On the other hand, demographic bidding lets you modify your bids or restrict your ads’ visibility based on the age and gender of the users viewing your ads on participating sites in the Google content network. I think only time will tell if this new product will be accepted or not, but I’m sure newsletters and blogs will be talking about it soon.

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