Does Your Website Have Strong Calls to Action?

Marni Weinberg - April 22, 2010

You could have the most aesthetically pleasing website with tons of relevant content, but without strong calls to action, you are basically striking out. A call to action is a hugely important piece of the puzzle and should be screaming (well, not really but you get my drift) at your visitors prominently on every page of your website. Essentially, you want to hold their hands and guide them to take action on your website; it should be the most natural thing they do once they arrive at your site.

You may think that it is already so clear and apparent that you want them to complete an action item; however, there is no such thing as too apparent when it comes to calls to action. Offer your site visitors attractive, multiple calls to action, as what may interest one person, may not be of any interest to the next; cover your bases to ensure a home run.

Some examples of strong calls to action that should be conspicuously displayed on any website can be found below. By the way, if the first four are not options because your organization hasn’t took the social media plunge, please visit our Social Media Blog to learn more about the importance of Social Media and/or click here to view our Social Media Page.

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