Don’t Give Up on Paid Search

MoreVisibility - August 9, 2007

During the course of a normal work week we often speak with e-marketing managers who have experimented with paid search programs only to be disappointed with the results. There could be several reasons for their dismay.

1. Budgeting reasons: Some e marketing managers might not have budgeted enough money for the program to get the results that they need. For instance, a car dealer may spend a ton of money on newspaper advertising, yet not allow enough budget for their Paid Search Program to develop. They may be accustomed to tossing mega bucks at traditional advertising campaigns, but are timid to commit to e-commerce spending on the web.

2. Lack of patience: Most paid search programs take a minimum of 2-3 weeks to develop positive results. Some industries take longer to get off the starting line. Real estate, and mortgage businesses for example are so competitive that it may
take some extra patience and budget money before realizing positive results.

3. Web site Issues: There could be structural integrity problems within the site itself that can hinder the process. It could be that the Ad Copy needs tweaking.

4. Misreading Analytics: Google has advised us that the majority of Analytics users do not set up and install their robust program properly. This can create a problem in attaining the correct information from the report. Some analytics users
don’t even bother to consult the reports at all. No wonder they give up so soon on PPC.

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