Don’t You Love Google Relationships that Benefit You?

Katherine Bennett - January 29, 2009

If you stay current with Google updates, you know that last year Google ventured into the world of traditional advertising. This gave online ad agencies the opportunity to buy media space online for print, radio and TV without going down the traditional media buying route. Google recently cancelled their print offering, however, this hasn’t stopped them from branching out into the world of traditional advertising and making it available online. In fact, their recent agreement with SpotMixer proves that they aren’t gun-shy about delving into a realm of media that is unfamiliar to them.  

When Google first started offering the options of creating TV campaigns through an AdWords account, they would refer advertisers to video specialists; if they didn’t already have their own commercial to upload or to mail in via tape. Now, SpotMixer, and Google TV Ads have collaboratively put their heads together to create a tool that allows advertisers to easily create video ads which can be delivered via Google TV Ads.

 This tool allows a user to create video with their own audio from a radio ad, high quality photography and video footage. If you don’t have any of the above, Google has free photos, music and videos that you can choose from, along with provided templates.  The video ad creation tool is the same concept as the Google display ad builder and makes it cost effective for marketers to place their clients into the world of TV media. No longer do agencies have to pay high costs for outsourcing the production of a TV spot only to pass that bill on to the client along with media buy expenses.  It’s a great tool for online ad agencies that have clients with tight advertising budgets.

Limited advertising budgets used to hinder clients from exploring new media arenas, but not anymore. For online ad agencies that have clients who have wanted to try video ads; now is a great time to start. The video creation tool takes existing text ad copy that’s running for a search engine marketing campaign and makes it into a tailored video within the users AdWords account.  Keep in mind that Google allows you to download your finished video, so you’re not just limited to TV ads.  This is great for clients who have wanted to promote a video on YouTube or on their company website.  A client can save time and money by utilizing in house videos and photography for their video instead of paying money for a video shoot.

This is a great benefit for internet ad agencies that are well versed in the world of Google AdWords. It gives them the opportunity, along with the client to produce a marketing message that is consistent across all lines of media. Think about it- a search engine marketing campaign, radio, and online videos and TV ads all under one advertising roof, with one consistent marketing message. 

I am very excited about the relationship that Google has forged with SpotMixer. I believe it will give online ad agencies more deliverables to offer to their clients at a fraction of the cost of a traditional ad agency. As a team member of an interactive agency, I look forward to more Google relationships that will benefit the company I work for and our clients.

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