Elevate Your TikTok Advertising Strategy with New Search Ads Toggle

Monica Simmons - August 31, 2023

In a stride toward enhancing the self-service advertising experience and its targeting capabilities, TikTok has recently unveiled the all-new Search Ads Toggle. This new placement feature, detailed in their recent blog post, promises to reshape the way advertisers engage with their target audience.

The Search Ads Toggle allows advertisers to seamlessly integrate their campaigns into TikTok users’ search results. This means that when users search for specific keywords or topics, advertisers have the opportunity to display their ads prominently, aligning perfectly with users’ interests – and perhaps, buying intent. In essence, it allows advertisers to extend their reach beyond TikTok’s native algorithm-driven placements (on a user’s “For You” feed) and show ads on a keyword-driven search results page. The result? A balance between broad audience reach and specific intent-based targeting.

When the Search Ad Toggle feature is enabled, ads are clearly labeled as “Sponsored” content on the search results page. Per TikTok’s blog post, ads will “appear in varying positions on the results page based on relevancy, user intent (as understood from their search query) and broader learnings from other user behavior.”

So, how can this new placement tool help advertisers achieve their ROAS goals? TikTok internal research has shown that 70% of ad groups with the feature turned on show “more efficient” performance as a result of lower-cost conversions. Not surprising, as users are more likely to be lower down the conversion funnel while searching for a hyper-relevant product or service.

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