Enhance Your Sponsored Google Ads

Sonya Wood - January 29, 2010

Gone are the days of the simple text ads in Google AdWords, with a headline and 2 description lines and the display url. Google now offers several ways to enhance your sponsored ads.

First, geo-targeting ads to a specific location can strengthen your ad because the location will be displayed at the bottom of the ad. For example, this ad is geo-targeted to New York state.


Another way to spruce up your ads is to include the address on the bottom of the ad. This can be done by creating a local business ad. In order to create a local business ad, you will need to create a local business listing on Google. Including an address tells the searchers your exact location without having them look for it all over your site.


Incorporating product images into your sponsored ads is a powerful way to draw attention to your ad. This can be done by creating a Google Base account and linking it to your AdWords account through the Google Merchant Center.


There are many ways to make your sponsored ads on Google more enticing for searchers. No longer is effective ad writing and enticing offers enough. By incorporating these features you can literally stay on top of your competition.

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