Enhancements to Yahoo’s Targeting Features

Sonya Wood - March 26, 2009

Yahoo introduced several new enhancements to their targeting capabilities this week including geo-targeting, ad scheduling, demographic targeting, and added bid adjustments based on those targeting features.

Now, according to the Yahoo Search Blog, you can incorporate different geo-targeting settings at different levels within the same campaign or ad group. For example, you can set a geo-target option for a zip code in New York and the entire state of California. In addition, you can set higher bid amounts for each geo-targeted location.

Another enhancement is the long awaited ability to day-part. Advertisers now have the option to have their ads be displayed at the designated time of their choosing. In addition, you have the option to increase your bids at specific times of day.


Demographic targeting will allow advertisers to target theirs ads to a specified group of people. For example, you can target females, ages 18-20. You will also have the option to set a premium bid for audience segments you feel are more valuable.


With these improvements, advertisers have greater control over who sees their ads. They also have the ability to drive a more targeted user to their website and get higher qualified customer.

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