Finding Extra Clicks With Google Text Ads

MoreVisibility - August 13, 2007

Often, we discuss ways to better qualify traffic and attract only the most qualified visitors, but some advertisers can’t find enough traffic to bring proper exposure to their sites.  Maybe these are new products that need to pull in more momentum or possibly very common items with far too much competition to be seen with a low CPC.  Whatever the case, there are ways to find traffic when it seems that none is available.
Start by adjusting your campaign options and budgets.  Google determines how often an ad must be shown in order to bring in enough clicks to spend the daily budget, but when there is more competition for ad space than there are searchers looking for the product, the number of impressions may be too low to bring in enough clicks.  Start by selecting the “accelerated” option in your campaign settings.  Checking this box tells Google to attempt to spend your budget as quickly as possible instead of trying to spread it out throughout the day.  If this option still does not bring enough traffic, try raising your campaign budget to a higher number.  Google will give you more impressions in order to attempt to meet your higher budget.  This is especially useful when used in combination with the content network.  Be cautious however, when utilizing this option, because even though you normally might only receive $20 worth of traffic when your budget is set to $100, there may be occasional spikes in which you could spend the whole amount.

Also, try raising your CPC.  A good strategy is to double the CPC, then slowly lower it to your desired amount.  The extra exposure you gain by showing up at the higher CPC for a short time could help to keep you in a higher position as you lower it.
Add keywords to your campaign that relate to similar products or the industry in general.  For example, if you sell a special kind of juicer that only juices avocados, extra exposure may be available by adding terms such as Orange Juice, Health Foods, Organic Foods, or Home Health Remedies.  Also consider adding more broad terms such as Juice, Juicer or even vegetable.
Internet Marketing is unique in that ads are only found by those who are looking for them, but unfortunately this lowers the possibility of being found if you sell a product or service that is not well known.  Take advantage of your product’s uniqueness by introducing it to searchers who are seeking similar products or lifestyle pages, and the extra exposure should pay off in no time!

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