Gain Insight into Your Season

Sonya Wood - February 9, 2010

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and many marketers are gearing up for a busy season. During holiday seasons, it is important to determine when people are interested in your products. Using Google Insights for Search can help you determine when interest in your products or services is at its peak throughout the year.

For example, if you sell flowers, you know that the biggest time of the year for your business is Valentines Day. But when should you start ramping up your advertising? According to Google Insights for Search, the peak time for searches related to flowers was February 10-16 in 2008 and February 8-14 last year.

Google Insights for Search

Using this tool can also help you uncover other peak seasons. It appears that the second week of May is also a high volume time for the flower industry. Mother’s Day is probably the result of the increased interest.

Using tools like Insights for Search, as well as analytic platforms, can help marketers plan for seasonality and peak times. Knowing what to expect can help advertisers know when to anticipate an increase in CPCs due to a rise in competition. Planning for marketing initiatives in advance can help allow for a smooth and profitable transition into a busy season.

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