Get the Best ROI With the Pick of a Page!

MoreVisibility - April 26, 2007

More and more I am finding that campaign success is directly related to landing pages. These “first impression” pages are crucial to selling the message of the product or service to the user. I see many companies use their home page as a landing page, but if searchers are looking for a particular product isn’t it better to send them to the most relevant product-level page? If visitors are sent the homepage, they may get overwhelmed and back out. Using the most relevant landing page helps to increase the relevance to the user and the potential for conversion.

In general, landing pages should be viewed as specific measurable proposals to visitors. Each page should be focused and present information in a common sense way so that users know exactly what action needs to be taken in order to convert. Messages should be to the point and your “call to action” should be clear. Using an analytics tool can help you understand how your landing pages are performing and how many new visitors uniquely come from a specific ad campaign and keyword. Incorporating these specific pages into your Cost per Click campaigns will ultimately help to reduce visitor confusion and turn more leads into sales.

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