Getting Started with Performance Max Campaigns is Quick and Easy

April Nelson - April 18, 2023

Google Ads Performance Max is a relatively new campaign type that uses machine learning models to generate conversions. It provides a “unified buying service” to all Google Ads inventory, meaning that your ads show across all Google properties. With little time investment, one campaign can have your ads created and running across YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps!

Google makes it an easy and painless process for advertisers to get started.

  1. Choose the goal, or conversion action, you want users to take on your site.
  2. Pick one page / URL you want to drive traffic and conversions through.
  3. Load up your ad assets.

A Performance Max ad is made of individual text, image, and video assets. Google mixes up the assets and picks the best combination based on the property/channel an ad is being shown on. Even with no designed images, you can get started quickly because Google will use the content on your website or landing page to pull text, image, logo, and video content from. This requires surrender of total creative control, however, don’t fear, you can see previews of what your ads may look like before launching your campaign.

While Performance Max campaigns are driven by machine learning, conversions do not happen overnight because first Google needs time to learn about your goals and intended audience. Ramp-up time to generate conversions is shortest when you have campaigns with historical conversion data. You can also see results more quickly by applying audience signals and 3rd party data. Telling Google more about the customers you are looking for helps flatten the learning curve and generate results faster.

Request a free Digital Marketing Strategy Session from our team to learn more about how Performance Max campaigns can help drive more value for your Google ad spend.

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