Google Ads Drafts & Experiments

Jill Goldstein - June 25, 2021

Always be testing. We say it time and time again. How often are you actually testing changes to your Google Ads campaigns? Did you know that there is a tool built right into the Google Ads interface that makes it extremely easy to run A/B tests? Introducing Drafts & Experiments.

Where to Find Drafts & Experiments

You can find Drafts & Experiments on the left menu of the Google Ads interface.


How they work: Drafts allow you to prep changes to your campaigns without implementing those changes until you are ready. Once you are satisfied with the changes in your campaign, you can either update the original campaign or set up an experiment to test how those changes would perform against the original.


How they work: Once you complete drafting up changes in a campaign, you can run an experiment. Specify how long you would like your experiment to run and what percentage of the traffic should be tested. As your experiment runs, you are able to monitor it’s performance and adjust if needed. You may find that you need to extend the dates to get more meaningful data or perhaps the changes you are testing are worth implementing earlier than expected. If that’s the case (or if you run to completion and are pleased with the results), you’re able to easily apply the changes from your experiment to the original campaign or create a brand-new campaign using the experiment setup.

Common experiments we run through Google Ads are A/B testing different landing page experiences and bidding strategies. However, the possibilities are truly endless. If you are a MoreVisibility client and would like more information about Google Ads Drafts and Experiments, contact your Client Strategist. If you are not a MoreVisibility client and would like additional information, please contact the experts at MoreVisibility.

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