Google Ads Rolls Out Lead Form Extension

Caitlin Gioia - November 6, 2019

Google confirmed it will be rolling out lead form ad extensions in coming weeks. A feature that was recently spotted in Beta, Google lead form extensions will show beneath your search ad on mobile and tablet devices and allow a user to provider their contact info directly through your ad on the search engine results page. This negates the need for a user to visit your site to convert.

Advertisers can customize lead forms with a title and description. After selecting a call-to-action button, users can seamlessly submit a form which is pre-populated with contact information from their Google account (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email Address). Advertisers also have the option to upload their own background image for the lead form. They can also customize the message that appears after customers submit their information. Lastly, advertisers can choose to deliver on their call-to-action in the form of a website link or a direct download.

Google notes, in testing, one advertiser reported a 20% higher closing rate for sale leads after implementing lead gen extensions.

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