Google Ads Testing New Asset Library for Advertisers

Chuck Forbes - December 15, 2021

Large advertisers can have hundreds of different ads running at one time, utilizing many forms of ad units. Creatives for these ads can also vary – images, videos, different sizes, text included or not included, different video lengths, and more. Keeping all these assets together can be challenging, then uploading them for each effort can take a while; not to mention if you have to swap out creative, you could be going back into campaigns and duplicating them.

Recently a few of our clients have reported seeing a new “Asset Library Beta” in Google Creative Studio where all your campaign images and videos are saved. For those who run a wide-range of Google Display and Responsive ads, this could be a huge efficiency in 2022.

The Asset Library would house all the assets uploaded for a campaign – allowing the advertising team to reuse them for another effort, or switch out creative immediately without pausing and re-launching campaigns. The Asset Library can also save dynamic assets, so you can reference them in your campaigns. Advertisers would now have a main hub to reference and update for their entire ecosystem of campaigns.

Here is a look at how the current Creative Studio Asset Library is set up:

Google has not yet announced a plan to release this feature to all advertisers, however with positive feedback so far – we are hoping to utilize this further in the near future.

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