Google AdWords Getting A Makeover

Ryan Faria - June 12, 2009

For years, the Google AdWords interface has maintained the same look and feel, leaving advertisers comfortable with navigating around campaigns and making adjustments.  Google has decided to shake things up with their AdWords appearance by not only giving it a fresh coat of paint, but an extreme makeover.

Google’s new AdWords interface, while still in its beta format, makes a cohesive transition to a Google Analytics experience.  Not only can advertisers view campaign data in graph format, but they are also able to compare mutiple metrics at the same time.  The new interface is more efficient by allowing bulk changes to budgets and cost per click rates.  The update also makes adding negative keywords across the entire campaign an easy process.  Best of all, Google AdWords revised interface makes downloading campaigns simple; with just one click you can send your client’s up to date versions of their campaigns.

While the new interface is still in beta mode, Google will be making the transition to solely using this interface in the near future.  Eligible advertisers can click the ‘new interface (beta)’ link at the top of their AdWords account to try it out.  During this transition, Google makes it easy to switch back and forth between the current interface and new interface.  Advertisers can take a tour of the new interface by watching a Google produced YouTube video.

Whether you love or hate the new interface, one thing is clear: Google’s new interface is here to stay.  Take time to click around and explore the new interface.  Who knows? You might even find that you are a fan too.

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