Google AdWords Releases Enhanced Sitelinks

- September 21, 2012

Last year, we spotted a Google AdWords “Mega Ad Sitelinks Experiment” and the search engine has just announced that enhanced sitelinks has been rolled out globally. Google will display enhanced sitelinks by combining multiple sitelinks and closely related search ads into a larger nested format.

Enhanced sitelinks will only appear when your ad is above the organic search results and could lead to significantly higher click through rates when compared to regular text ads that have an additional two to three sitelinks.

Because your ad position must be at the top, to prepare your AdWords ads for this new feature, increase the quality score of your ads or increase your cost-per-click (CPC) bid, and you may have to do both. Implement six to ten sitelinks for the campaign and ensure that each sitelink has an individual landing page. Add multiple variations of ad copy within your account that point to the same landing page URLs as your sitelinks. Google says the minimum is one ad to match each unique sitelink. Enhanced sitelinks will automatically appear when you have met the requirements.

The search engine says that enhanced sitelinks may vary in appearance each time they are generated and may not appear each time a search is conducted.
Below is an example that AdWords has released of enhanced sitelinks.

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