Google Analytics Cranks Out Yet Another Update

MoreVisibility - October 23, 2007

After five months of getting used to the new analytics interface, Google figured it was time to shake things up again. The following three changes are on the horizon:

Site Search – Expanding upon current Site Search capabilities, we will now be able to get data on keywords, categories, and products across time and user segments.

Event Tracking — With this addition, you will now be able to tag and track Flash and Ajax events. I can tell you from experience how difficult it is to really track traffic from Flash sites.

Tagless Outbound Link Tacking — This feature will allow for users to track their exit links (links that visitors clicked on that take them to another website).

Although these features will start in beta, many in the industry see this as a pioneer move for Google to set themselves apart from their competitors, making their’s the metric tool of choice. This just goes to show how vital it is to incorporate Analytics into your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns. With the data this program can provide, there is no end to the value it can bring with your SEM efforts!

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