Google Analytics Remarketing Audiences Will Go Cross-Device

Jill Goldstein - April 19, 2017

Beginning May 15th, remarketing audiences generated in Google Analytics (GA) will begin to include the (somewhat) new enhancement of cross-device functionality. When Google users opt to allow the system to associate their browsing history with their Google account (and to use that information to allow ad personalization), Google will begin to use the data collected when users are signed-in to build cross device remarketing audiences.

Cross-device remarketing has been active for users creating Google Display Network (GDN) lists in AdWords since last September, however the same functionality will soon be utilized in Google Analytics.

Why is this such an important change? According to Google, 75% of online adults start an activity on one device, but continue to finish on another. With cross-device remarketing, when a signed-in user visits your website on a mobile device and continues to browse on desktop, you can now remarket a more relevant ad to them. And as we all know, in today’s marketing age, personalization is a key pillar to success. Any effort to further the relevance of your ad to the user is a home run.

No direct action is required by the advertiser for this change to take place, however this is likely a good time to re-review your company’s privacy policy regarding data collection. Unsure of what to include? Google has outlined some key items to include in your privacy policy regarding remarketing here. In addition, marketers should start re-considering their device bidding, targeting, messaging and overall remarketing strategy for their GDN campaigns (using GA Audiences) based on this change.

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