Google and DoubleClick – A Match Made in Online Advertising Heaven

MoreVisibility - April 17, 2007

With the announcement of its $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick, Google seems poised to lead the online advertising industry like never before. DoubleClick offers Google a wide technological expertise coupled with practical domination of the display advertising market.

DoubleClick is to display advertising what Google is to search, and in making this purchase Google has made an exponential leap forward in the entire online advertising market.

While estimates of the total market share aren’t definitive — by the very nature of the partnering, it is apparent that this deal is monumental in scope and potential impact. And it’s not only Google that can benefit, but rather each member in the cycle: publishers, agencies, advertisers, marketers, and internet users each have an incredible opportunity to profit from this deal.

Up until this point, online advertising has been made up of a couple multi-faceted but wholly divided playing fields: content & search vs. display & banners…the groups have existed separate but relatively equal, until now. Google plus DoubleClick equals the blurring of those independent categories into one comprehensive mix.

This acquisition, combined with Google’s forays into the traditional sectors of radio (including its just-announced deal with Clear Channel), print, and television, stands to increase ad relevancy for users. In addition, by monetizing multi-channel, multi-form advertising at a level that’s accessible to a wider business audience, Google is expanding the advertising and marketing reach of companies that may not otherwise be able to enter into the realm of display advertising. And, though some competitors may argue otherwise, this acquisition will benefit publishers with a more reliable and steadfast platform through which to receive ads.

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