Google Chrome’s Recent Privacy Updates to Alter the Online Marketing Space

Serina Fignole - July 3, 2019

In recent years, the online world has shifted its focus on improving and increasing privacy and security for its users. That said, Google announced in early May that it would be updating its Chrome browser to give users more information about how they’re being tracked across the web using cookies.

Moreover, this new Google Chrome feature will modify how cookies function and require Google’s developers to clearly indicate the cookies that are permitted to work across the web and could be used to track users. Once the feature is released, Chrome users will have the ability to clear all of their cookies, while not affecting single domain cookies and preserving things like logins and settings. In addition, Google Chrome will be more transparent about which websites are setting these cookies, which will give its users the power to make more informed choices about how their data is being used.

Consequently, this could have a major impact on marketers use cookies to target their audiences with online ads and monitor ad performance. It is unclear if Google’s tracking will receive preferential treatment while blocking other industry players. The brief announcement has also left some Digital Marketers wondering if Google cookies are blocked, whether the browser will still be able to track a logged-in user using their Google ID.

“Giving users more information or control over their data is a move that will continue to be a trend for big brands like Google,” said Max Braglia, Vice President, Interactive Advertising at MoreVisibility.  “While this is going to be a challenge for Advertisers, it is also an opportunity for the industry as a whole to reevaluate the importance of older targeting methods, such contextual ads.”

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