Google Donates $340 Million Google Ads Credit for Small Businesses

MoreVisibility - April 3, 2020

Google has recently announced they will be providing $340 million in Google Ads credits for small and midsize businesses. This pledge is a part of a larger effort Google has planned, providing over $800 million in support aimed at healthcare organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions.

Google’s support comes during a global health crisis that is impacting many businesses and the way in which they communicate with their customers. In a time of social distancing, Digital Advertising is a quick, effective channel to provide a business’ customer base on updates, closures, and resources to help during these uncertain times. Google has announced ad accounts active within the past year may be eligible for ad credits. These credits can be used across varying Google channels, with hopes that businesses can stay in touch with their customer-base and mitigate some of the cost exposures they are facing.

Aside from small businesses, Google has also pledged to support healthcare organizations, agencies like The World Health Organization, community financial organizations, and academic and research institutions. This aid will be provided in the form of:

  • Financial support to partner manufacturers, with intentions of increasing the production in supplies many hospitals and other healthcare organizations are in need of
  • Google Ad Grants to distribute critical information and PSAs to communities
  • Funds supporting small businesses in accessing capital
  • Credits to Google Cloud access for academic institutions who are pursuing studies and research on COVID-19

While the exact timeline and specific details for Google Ad credits and Google Ad Grants have not been released, eligible small businesses and organizations can expect to see notifications in their ads account with ability to use their credits through 2020.

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