Google Expands Call-Only Ads to Allow for More Text

Josh Wehniainen - February 27, 2019

On Monday Google announced that they will soon be rolling out an update to their call-only ads by allowing advertisers to use up-to two 30-character headlines. In addition to the ad headline, Google will be increasing the maximum character length of the description line from 80 to 90 characters.

This change, which was announced by Google Product Manager Mike Russo, is meant to allow advertisers to fit compelling call-to-actions, along with the business’s name, in the ad copy.

“We noticed it was tough to fit both your business name and a compelling call to action in the headline, so we moved business name to the beginning of the ad description,” said Russo. “This leaves more space in the headline for your call to action or business details.”

In the above example provided by Google you can see how the two headlines look in the call-only ad.

Though an exact release data of this update is not available, based on Google’s announcement, these additional features could be available as early as March.

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