Google Introduces Product Listing Ads to Smartphones

Anne Garcia - March 18, 2013

Last year Google released Product Listing Ads (PLA) when it transitioned Merchant Center to Google Shopping. Doing so provided cleaner results for shopping queries and created new ad formats for Ecommerce advertisers.  With Google’s introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, the search engine has said that they are extending the PLA shopping experience already available on desktops and tablets to smartphones.

Product Listing Ads on smartphones will be seen on, the Google Shopper app as well as Google Shopping. Below is a screenshot Google provided of the new Product Listing Ad formats on smartphone devices.

Product Listing Ad campaigns that have been upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns will be eligible to be seen on smartphones. Like all Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers will be able to create bids specific to mobile devices for PLA ads.

In addition, Google has told us that all campaigns within AdWords will be automatically opted into Enhanced campaigns by June 2013. We recommend upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns and selecting your device and bidding options before this time.

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