Google is Making its Ad Experience More Transparent

Max Braglia - September 29, 2021

Google announced a few days ago that it is giving users more transparency into their ad experience by enhancing ad disclosures with its new “advertiser pages” feature. People can access these disclosures in Google’s new “About this ad” menu to see the ads a specific verified advertiser has run over the past 30 days.

Information about Google Ads that users may be able to see include:

  • Advertiser names change history
  • Ad creatives
  • Ads removed or accounts suspended for legal or policy reasons
  • Business contact information
  • Dates and locations ads served

This innovation shouldn’t come as a surprise, being part of a series of initiatives Google is taking to promote transparency and consumer privacy by creating a clear and intuitive experience for users who engage with ads on Google.

Last spring, Google introduced an advertiser identity verification program that requires Google advertisers to verify information about their businesses, where they operate from and what they’re selling or promoting. This transparency, according to Google, does help users learn more about the company behind a specific ad. Since the introductions of the program, thousands of advertisers have been verified.

Other major advertising platforms, such as Facebook, are already offering very similar “transparency” features, where people can easily find out more information about who’s behind the ads that they are served on the social media platform.

Google’s advertiser pages will launch in the coming months in the United States and will roll out in phases to more countries in 2022.

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