Google Launches New Tool: Rising Retail Categories

Kelcie Rivera - May 12, 2020

Since February, many categories have seen dramatic shifts in growth or decline as buying has transitioned to primarily Ecommerce and spending is occurring mostly for items that are seen as essential. To help retail businesses in making data-driven decisions, Google has released Rising Retail Categories. The new tool comes from Google’s platform, ThinkWithGoogle, which provides search trends, industry research and marketing insights.

Living on the ThinkWithGoogle domain, Rising Retail Categories is updated daily with trending product searches. While the interactive tool may seem similar to Google Trends, it provides queries specific to the fastest-growing retail categories. Users of the tool can review data based on category, geographic area, and time period.

Marketers and business owners can utilize the data in a few ways:

  • Promote products or services they offer, that are currently trending.
  • Use search queries to create new content or optimize existing content.
  • Target new audiences or geographical areas.
  • If the resources are available, identify new product or service ideas.

Along with Google’s other resources, Rising Retail Categories is a great tool for a business of any size to gain market insight and uncover potential opportunities during uncertain times.

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