Google Marketing Live 2024: A Quick List of Announcements to Get Excited For

Jill Goldstein - June 5, 2024

This year’s Google Marketing Live was one for the books! A ton of great product announcements were made, all showcasing how AI is transforming every aspect of digital advertising. Below you’ll find a quick list of the announcements I was most excited about.

Performance Max

  1. Advanced image generation technology
  2. The ability to add brand guidelines (including brand colors and font)
  3. AI-powered image editing (add/remove objects, adjust sizes, extend backgrounds, etc.)
  4. Partnerships with 3rd-party platforms like Canva. (this allows teams to create assets outside of Google and export them to Google Ads)
  5. More insights into performance
    • Where ads served on YouTube (placement reporting)
    • Asset-level reporting


  1. Shopping ads to appear at the top of visual search results (with Google Lens and Circle to Search)
  2. Ads will soon start showing within the AI Overviews (currently they are only above or below)


  1. Product Studio – Uses Google AI to transform static images to brand-appropriate videos.
  2. Brand profiles (showcases a brand’s images videos, promos, etc.)
  3. Virtual try-ons (this will start with men’s and women’s tops and allow you to see how they look on various body types)
  4. 3D views/3D spins of footwear
  5. Profit optimization (new smart bidding option for PMAX and standard shopping campaigns)
  6. Category-level performance insights (including competitive benchmarks for PMAX and standard shopping campaigns)


  1. Stickers for YouTube Shorts (clickable images to increase engagement)
  2. BrandConnect (a self-service platform that connects creators with brands)

Measurement & Audience

  1. Cross-channel budgeting in Google Analytics (track pacing and projected performance across channels)
  2. AI-generated insights via Google Analytics insight cards (helps to explain significant changes in data)
  3. Meridian – Google’s open source marketing mix models (MMM) (will help to measure marketing impact and make more informed decisions)

As you can see, this year’s GML unveiled a ton of exciting innovations, most powered by Google AI. I personally look forward to leveraging them in campaigns for greater success! For more information, reach out to the experts at MoreVisibility or visit Googe’s summary of announcements, here.

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