Google Releases Offer Extensions in Enhanced Campaigns

Anne Garcia - March 6, 2013

Last year Google announced Offer Extensions from AdWords where advertisers are able to showcase redeemable offers like deals, rebates and coupons through paid search text ads on search engine result pages. Previously Offer Extensions were available only through Beta, but with Google’s introduction of Enhanced Campaigns, this sitelink extension is available to all advertisers.

Advertisers will be prompted to enter details on each specific offer, redemption and distribution dates as well as terms and conditions of the offer. Like other ad sitelinks in Enhanced Campaigns, Offer Extensions can be scheduled to show on specific days of the week as well as times of the day.

Offer Extensions are a great way to promote limited-time offers on your website through paid search ads. In addition, advertisers can track performance of these extensions to see how many clicks, impressions and conversions came from these added links.

To implement Offer Extensions, go to the Ad extensions tab within Google AdWords, and select View: Offer Extensions from the dropdown menu.

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