Coming Soon – Google Universal App Campaigns

Lauren Owens - July 8, 2015

You’ll Soon Be Able to Promote Your Mobile App with Ease Using Google’s Universal App Campaigns

Mobile apps can be great for improving user experience and increasing customer loyalty. For this to happen, marketers have one big hurdle to overcome – getting users to download their apps. Luckily there’s a platform for that.

Announced last month, Google’s Universal App Campaigns will combine the power of Google’s various ad platforms, including AdMob, Google Play, AdWords, the Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube into a single app promotion platform that promises to arm marketers with near-omniscient visibility, making it easier than ever to promote your mobile app on a variety of platforms.

google app campaigns

The addition of the AdMob and Google Play platforms will enable you to seamlessly promote your app to users no matter where they are – be that searching for apps on Google Play, viewing publisher content online, performing a mobile search, viewing video content on YouTube or using a third-party app.

Google says that Universal App Campaigns will launch soon, but has yet to give more specific details. Until then, you can still promote your app on these various platforms, but if you want to stay within AdWords, you will be limited to search, YouTube, and the GDN.

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