Google Updates its Advertising Ecosystem to Create a Better Search Experience

Serina Fignole - April 25, 2018

During 2017, the world experienced brand safety issues, fake news and highly publicized extremist content plaguing various ad networks. In the same year, over 3.2 billion ads were taken down by Google for violating their Advertising policies, which is nearly twice the amount from 2016. Among the ads taken were:

  • 79 million ads that sent a user to malware-laden site
  • 66 million “click-bait” ads
  • 48 million ads that produced an unwanted software install

In effort to combat this, Google released its latest Trust and Safety Report that outlines the steps they will take to fight ad fraud, malware and content scammers. In addition, Google says they plan to implement new technology, introduce 28 new advertiser policies and 20 new publisher policies in June 2018.

Furthermore, Google will be launching a new certification process for rehabilitation and addiction treatment facilities. Advertisers offering “Contracts for Difference, rolling spot forex, and financial spread betting” will also have to receive a certification by Google to run ads through the AdWords network, and certification will only be available in certain countries.

If you have any questions about how this update may affect your business, please reach out to the experts at MoreVisibility for assistance.

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