Google’s Campaign Optimizer – The Next Great Tool

MoreVisibility - August 3, 2007

It is pretty amazing how quickly technology transforms. Staying up-to-date with the latest technological advances is vital in the information technology industry. To the same extent, in the search engine marketing (SEM) industry, advertisers are constantly looking for methods to improve their marketing efforts. And now, they have a new way to go about implementing improvements to their campaigns.

The Inside AdWords Blog officially announced the launch of a new tool for Google AdWords advertising management interface. This new feature is called the Campaign Optimizer and it is located in the campaign detail page within an account. This tool is automated and gives the user tips on how to improve their campaigns. It will automatically analyze a campaign’s keywords, budget, and landing pages. The suggestions or tips appear on a proposal page after the tool has completed its task. Some of the suggestions that the Campaign Optimizer could suggest are adjusting the daily budget, or adding new keywords that may perform better to reach a desired target audience. It may even recommend adjusting a keyword’s maximum bid.

I believe that this tool will be very handy in the daily lives of advertisers. I strongly suggest taking a thorough look at the tool’s suggested optimization techniques before incorporating their ideas into your own. An important note to keep in mind is that the AdWords team states that the Campaign Optimizer will be most effective on campaigns that have been running for at least two weeks.

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