Google’s Search-Based Keyword Tool

Amber Farley - December 3, 2008

The core of any online CPC campaign is the list of keywords that you choose to bid on. The keywords need to not only represent your company and its products/services, but they also need to be frequently searched on and relevant to the landing page that you drive traffic to. 

Google has had a few tools to help with keyword research and optimization, and recently launched the Google Search-Based Keyword Tool as its newest enhancement. This tool informs you of the keywords that you are currently missing out on, based on search query data from the content on your site. In other words, it allows you to see the most popular keywords related to your site, and focuses on the ones that you are not currently bidding on.  It also suggests landing pages to go along with each keyword suggestion.  In doing so, the tool helps you identify additional and relevant advertising opportunities that aren’t currently being used in your AdWords campaigns.

This tool will be extremely beneficial if you have the desire to capture more keywords related not only to your products, but also to the content on your website.  However, adding keywords is not the only way to improve your keyword list.

Below are a few suggestions to help optimize your CPC keyword list:

1. Keyword Research: There are many keyword tools that marketers use to compile their list of keywords.  Google offers several tools that will allow you to see the search volume, search history, average CPC, and additional keyword ideas.  Here are a couple:


2. Aggressive Bidding Structure: Make sure you are showing
above the fold of the page for your most important keywords. This might require an increase in your CPC bid, but it is often worthwhile and should help improve your CTR.
3. Relevant Ad Copy & Landing Page:  After a search has been made on one of your keywords, you want to make sure your ad copy is relevant to the keyword searched upon, especially if you are in one of the top positions.  Also, it is extremely important that the landing page be relevant to the ad copy.  If the visitor is sent to a page that doesn’t have content related to the keyword or the ad, the visitor’s interest will be diminished.

Having a dominant presence for the keywords that mean the most to you and your business is essential for the success of your online marketing campaigns. Utilize the tools that are available to help improve your CPC campaigns.   Happy keyword hunting!

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