Happy Landing

MoreVisibility - February 20, 2007

“In online marketing, a landing page is a specific web page that a visitor ultimately reaches after clicking an advertisement. The efficiency or quality of the landing page can be measured by the conversion rate (CR) of visitors into actions.”

Upon clicking your ad, the objective is to have the visitor do something or what people refer to as a “call to action”. If the visitor takes the desired action, you just had a conversion.

The landing page has to be sticky enough to convince a visitor to stay and fill the contact form or act according to what the advertiser wants. Seize the moment!

Remember the back button exists and it’s always a possibility for them to go back and click on another result.

Everything has to make sense. In other words, the landing page should match both the keyword typed in as well as the creative copy in the ad.

An important factor to consider is that people have a tendency to skim through a page without reading it in its entirety, so the call to action has to be obvious and clearly within exact parameters of what the searcher is looking for.

Don’t allow any distractions! Distractions kill conversions. Landing pages that are too busy or contain too much information may cause a distraction and get the visitor to think about something else.

Your efforts placed in pay-per-click are as good as the conversions achieved. So, your landing page is a critical component of your success.

Turn your visitors to conversions and have a happy landing!

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