How to Optimize Your PPC Campaign

MoreVisibility - October 24, 2007

Lately I’ve been hearing the same question from a lot of my clients, “What do you do to optimize my paid placement campaign?” Well at this point of my career, I don’t feel I’m ready to give away the formula to the secret sauce, but I would like to give our readers some pointers. This will be part of a five-part blog, that will give tips on things to look for when making tweaks and “cutting the fat” from your campaigns. The best way to get top performance from your campaign is to start optimizing when you first launch. The first data you see is a great way to predict where the campaign is headed.

#1 Make Sure Your keyword Avg. Position is where you want to be.

When first launching your new PPC campaign, give your campaign a few hours before going in and making any changes. If you’re bidding at $0.50, you can then go in and see where your ads are showing up based on the keywords you chose to run and begin to get an idea of how competitive your keywords are. If the average position for your keywords is higher then ten, you’re probably not getting many clicks or impressions. If your goal is to sell your products, generate leads or get users to sign up for a newsletter, you need more searchers to see your ads to give your ad more chances to be clicked on. The best thing would be to raise your keyword bids to $1.00, but only for those keywords that are over an avg. position of six. This should raise your average positions which will provide you more impressions and more clicks. To keep from overspending, you may want to lower your daily spend.

My second recommendation will be posted in my next blog which should be up in early November

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