How to Quickly Get your Ads Approved by Google

Anne Garcia - April 4, 2013

Search engine marketers know that the ad approval process from Google can be fickle — sometimes ads are immediately approved and running and other times, the review process can be painstakingly long, especially if you want to advertise a promotion that will only run for a day or two.

Google says that the ad approval process is typically three to five business days, which means that your ads could have a pending status for at least three days. Here are some tips to help expedite the ad approval process. Please note that any time you make changes to your ad text, URL or keywords, that will trigger a new approval process and may delay your ads from showing.

Instead of editing an existing ad, duplicate the ad and make the necessary revisions so that the existing ad keeps running while your new ad is under review. This will keep your campaigns running per usual so that you don’t lose any traffic. Once the new ad is approved, you can delete the old ad if you want.

Plan ahead. Create and submit new ads at least three business days in advance of when your next promotion is running. This again will avoid any downtime and keep traffic to your site consistent.

Review Google’s advertising policies before you create or edit an ad to avoid any hiccups.

Google says that if your ads have been pending review for more than three business days, you can send a request here.

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