How to Use AdWords to Drive Offline Sales with Online Ads

Max Braglia - November 28, 2016

Today, the line between online and offline shopping is disappearing – fast. Consumers shop anytime, everywhere, and on any available devices.

According to Google, 66% of users who started their search online ended up visiting a store, and 26% made an in-store purchase. The key to drive store sales is to understand that consumers are beginning their in-store purchases online.

Below are three tactics that will help you improve your local digital ads in Google AdWords and, ultimately, drive foot traffic to your business.

1. Add Location Extensions to show ads with more locally relevant information, and reach users who are close to your business.

By adding location extensions to your search ads you’re, in fact, letting customers know that you have what they are searching for and that you’re close by. With location extensions, you can provide instant directions to your store or give users the option to call your business for more information.

As many users start searching on mobile devices, this is a very efficient way to deliver the right message to the right consumer based on where he or she may be.

2. Test ad creative that drives people into your stores and businesses.

If the primary goal is to increase foot traffic to your store, consider testing exclusive local offers and products right in your ads. In the example below, the ad features special rates which are only available to someone who visits the business physical location. Also, note the extensive use of ad extensions (sitelinks, location, click-to-call, and rating), which dramatically improves the user experience as well as the real estate that the ad takes on the screen.


3. Use Local Inventory ads for Shopping Campaigns to promote products that are sold at a nearby store

Local Inventory ads for Shopping Campaigns are a great way to showcase your products and store information to nearby shoppers searching in Google. After clicking your ad, a user will arrive on a Google-hosted local storefront, where they’ll be able to see in-store inventory, get store hours, and other valuable information, such as directions.

One caveat here, there are requirements to participate in this program. Luckily, we can help. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Interactive Advertising experts to find out if you qualify and to learn how to get started.

In conclusion, be it on a mobile device, on a desktop, or in-store, your customers see no frontiers and want relevant information, here and now, so your marketing has to be ready to seize opportunities as they arise.

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