How To Generate Leads Using ‘Leads on Twitter’ Campaigns

Max Braglia - December 17, 2015

Lead generation is the lifeline of any business, as without a steady flow of leads, businesses will struggle to grow. Simply put: “no leads, no business.”

“Leads on Twitter” is a new type of campaign which makes it easier for advertisers to capture prospects’ contact information without them having to fill out a form or leave Twitter.

In “Leads on Twitter” campaigns, your ads will include a Lead Generation Card, composed of an image, compelling copy, and a strong call to action. As you’re asking users for their contact information, be sure to offer them something valuable in return, such as a whitepaper, a newsletter, or a free webinar.

The beauty of Lead Generation Cards is that the user will see their first and last name, their Twitter handle, and partial email address (which they have previously entered in their Twitter settings) already pre-filled within the Card. This allows them to safely and securely send you their contact information with a simple click of a button.

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The information submitted will be saved in the Twitter Ads interface for you to easily export later as a CSV spreadsheet, or you can set up your incoming leads to be instantly updated into your CRM system. For these campaigns, you are charged on a cost per lead (CPL) basis so you only pay when someone exchanges their contact information with you.

Another great feature of this campaign is that it will allow advertisers to show a custom page to users directly after they’ve submitted their info via a Lead Generation Card, a terrific way to follow up immediately with the new prospects and engage them on your website.

In conclusion, if one of your objectives is to generate leads through social media channels, you must take advantage of the powerful targeting capabilities that Twitter offers and give “Leads on Twitter” campaigns a try. You may discover a new source of business and income.

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