I need to do a Google Search…

MoreVisibility - March 19, 2008

While I was racking my brain over the weekend trying to come up with a good idea for my blog, it hit me right in the face. On Sunday, I was on the computer catching up on some recent sports articles and paying a few bills. My future step-son, who is only 8, asked me how much longer I am going to be on the computer. At that point I am guessing he wants me to come outside and play catch with him, maybe check out a few bugs he’s been collecting, or just run around with some squirt guns (some of his favorite outdoor activities on the weekend). I explained that I was almost done and as soon as I sent this last payment we can go outside. He comes back with this statement, “Oh I don’t want to go outside right now, I want to go on the computer, I need to do a Google search”. I was floored, not so much by the fact that he wanted to forgo playing outside to be on the computer (he likes to play games on the computer as much as play outside) but the fact he actually said “Google search” blew me away. Out of the mouths of babes, as they say!

I recently came on board here at MoreVisibility, but I’ve been in the internet marketing business, in some role or another, for about 8 years now (at least as long as my future step-son has been in this world) and his statement alone justified my career path! The internet has become an important resource for all of us and it is only getting bigger. I look at my Dad, who wants nothing to do with a computer, and I look at my future step-son and I see a true passing of the guard. It won’t be long before my future step-son is a young man looking for his first car, where to go to college, or what to buy his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day…and where do you think he is going to look for these things and everything else? I think we already know…he is 8 now and he needs to do a Google search!

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